Angel investing in the VREMO PRODUCT might take place in different ways.

  1. Many investors prefer to invest on their own and it will be posible from each individual family products of VREMO at sectorial of geographical level. 
  2. Other strategy is a growing trend towards investing in groups and forming structured or unstructured syndicates, enabling investors to pool their finance and their knowledge when making investments. At this situation VREMO would consider a totaly Business plan hand made for this kind of investors.
  3. There are also a number of "Angel Networks" operating around the country (firms that offer an introductory service between angel investors and entrepreneurs, and also run live pitching events). This is not the main goal for VREMO PRODUCT
  4. Some of these networks operate nationally and some operate regionally. Angels are also working alongside Accelerators, Incubators and investing with VCs and Co-Investment Funds. In this situation it will be much more feasible to reach an agreement.

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