VREMO (Emotional Virtual Reality) is a FIWARE-based virtual simulator with natural interfaces intended to emotional training in different areas of society, such as healthcare, education, business environment, or people with special capabilities. 

This Emotional Trainer is also a Serious Game with a 3D and 2D interfaces, that immerses the user in a variety of everyday life situations under control by an artificial intelligence (AI) engine.

Users and specialists may take advantage of different environments. From a natural 3D gamifyed interface, to a minimalist ready-to-use template. Every environment has different available modules, such as 3D avatars, multimedia content, and follow-up sections, that must be chosen depending on the nature of the treatment or training protocol that is being designed. 

The 3D environment is part of a platform in the cloud that records the actions of multiple users for further evaluation, and the registered professionals may use the real-time information to feed the AI engine for growth and continuous improvement of the application.

The training material is integrated in a 2D-multimedia layer, with the purpose of offering the training system to most of the devices at the market.
. Feel free to add comments related to improvements or ideas that could be added in the platform. 

The following screenshots are used at the 3D and multimedia environments, that currently "work together". The 3D Game that integrates the itineraries does not requires installation, since it is running over the Web, taking advantage of the FIWARE ecosystem and 2 different 3D technologies: XML3D (Generic Enabler at FIWARE) and Three.js, both running over WebGL.

FIWARE Development for the Health industry

We aim to use the FIWARE environment in order to  create a collaborative scenario with the potential of adaptative features, both for related-health systems and the Internet of Things.

And on top of this core plataform, Artificial Intelligence is used in different ways in order to discover hidden patterns which help therapists defining their Serious-Game Programs.

A Serious Game

Serious Games are games designed for a non-entertainment purpose like training, educational, marketing or awareness raising objectives. They create a knowledge and/or skill development environment for the player while retaining the same focused motivation context of “fun” games. Serious 

Games are used in numerous areas like engineering, health, education, defense, military, emergency management, and scientific exploration, among many others. 

VREMO PROJECT might be considerated, apart from an Emotional Trainer, a “Health and Social Inclusion SERIOUS GAME”.

Inclusion of Cloud Technologies, IoT and FIWARE technologies

The FIWARE ecosystem give us very key features for the next developments of the tool, which in general terms are: 

  • Offering real-time information to specialists to help development and sales processes.
  • Ussing IoT features to make a follow-up of behaviours of users, through movement and audio sensors. 
  • Making the platform highly scalable, by the utilization of big-data technologies and scalable server solutions. 
  • Integrating Virtual  Reality features, enriching the present developments of the tool and the 3D training system. 
  • Integratin a social network, to increase opportunities at the community of specialists