Thursday 5 March 2015

Boostering learning processes combining Virtual Reality and the Internet of Things

Virtual Reality shows potential to support mental rehabilitation and learning tasks by enriching perceived content and providing guidance and support in an easily understandable way. Especially the motivation of children could be boosted by more intuitive and interesting lessons by integrating IoT inputs interacting within the virtual environment.

The aim is bridging the gap between both the virtual and natural interfaces, where the trainees will enjoy by converting their learning process in a gamifyed guided program.

This gamification is going to be achieved according to the research that our health collaborators are performing for the behavioural engine.

Our goal is therefore being able to connect different environments to establish a simple but yet powerful core base where agile research may be easily developed through an IoT&FIWARE technical approach.

This functionality is not expected to be integrated in the first release of the product.


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