Wednesday 17 February 2016

The beginning of the community of VREMO specialists

We are proud to share the results of the first professional workshop or our community, where 12 specialists have participated from different sectors. This event has taken place the 6th of Februrary at Idus Learning center, in Burgos.

VREMO community is integrating specialists from different areas (education, health, personal development, mediation...) who are creating and using the first applications inside VREMO. The main thread is the Emotional Training, which is present in all the areas of our life: With our children (education related to personal values and emotional competencies), at the workplace, during hard life situations (health and personal development areas), ...

Our specialists collaborate together ot adapt new itineraries to the market, by integrating protocols, analyses, multimedia and 3D interfaces that make the tool more attractive and ecological.

With the our development design in our community (which is free), we may offer more and more solutions in a wide variety of markets, including some with less volume of custumers, but very important as well, such as people with rare diseases, autism, ...

The main points of the workshop have been:
  1. VREMO news and opportunities for specialists: Creation, validation, utilization.
  2. Presentation of active itineraries and results from the first validation tests performed with adult people at Personal Development area. 
  3. Analysis of improvement of the tools related to development and sales channels. 
  4. New proposals to develope and integrate the next training itineraries at the tool.
And as a result, we have not only enjoyed at this event, but we have defined the next creation of itineraries, and the first strategy to offer emotional training as a transversal skill, as a core strategy at Idus Learning academy. 


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