Monday 8 February 2016

Areas of application

The trainer is intended to focus on different areas related to Emotional Training and Social Integration.

Since VREMO is both, a creation and utilization tool, we have addressed the development model trough a commmunity of specialists who integrate their methodologies, protocols and materials into VREMO to take advantage of the new technologies and get a value enhacement.

Moreover, the natural power of the community relies on the colaboration from different disciplines in order to improve the itineraries, to validate them better, and to easily evolve them with time.

With this dynamic collaboration we can develope a solid open innovation ecosystem addressed to the market since the solutions are being used, improved and monetized through the utilization by the specialists.

Finally, we would like to remark the big potential to expand the use of VREMO, since our selling channels are integrated in the business model of our collaboratios (our specialists, such as psychologists, therapists, educators, coaches, enterpreneurs, personal trainers... )

The current areas that are being developed by our Community of Specialists are:
  1. Emotional Recoginition and Intellectual Disabilities, for young people.
  2. Developing Emotional Competencies, at Education.
  3. Integrating Emotional Limitations at school support, at Education.
  4. Decoding Emotional Disorders placed in the unconsciousness, at Healthcare. Knowledge related.
  5. Decoding Emotional Disorders at mediation processes.
  6. Emotional Training at business environment. 

Know more about our active community here.


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